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Why I am Running

I am running to ensure the folks of State Senate District 29 are afforded bold, cultural and regional representation. I intend not only to carry forward the conservative principles but to build on the best of them and ensure rural East Oregonians are represented unapologetically in Salem. I cannot believe there is another more passionate nor dedicated person in District 29. I have a lifetime of lived experiences here, absorbed the words and wisdom of so many I have crossed paths with. I love the nature of all who call this home and have a profound desire to nurture their hopes and aspirations.  

Senate District 29 is extremely diverse from border to border. We need someone who recognizes this, celebrates the value it brings and will fight to preserve our oneness. From a rich indigenous past, to more recent immigrants, this area continues to grow yet preserves its bedrock values and identity. When former Governor Tom McCall famously said, “Visit but don’t stay,” it was more to say, that which you love about us, don’t be so hasty to change. Our diverse culture, history, past and present are what gives our strength. I will fight to preserve individual and mutual identities.   

I will make certain that all voices are heard and individual liberties are protected-both for the folks striving to make our agriculture and industry flourish to those who own and operate these enterprises Whether it be for the community minded yet independent nature of the residents or the entrepreneurial fortitude of the businesses that reside here-we need someone born and raised in the district that understands the unique nature of the region.

We are largely agriculturally and natural resource based with value added in the processing and harvesting of our products. Of late we have become, “energy central,” with more and more off river renewable energy projects being built. We have a forest plan to write, federal lands that need tending, small towns and businesses that need relief. I recognize both the possibilities and struggles and want to lean in.

I heard the concerned community…The folks across the district feel more and more disenfranchised. I intend to make their message resonate clearly and passionately at the capital.  I firmly believe, that we can once again, be heard in equal measure. We must!

To remain sustainable in all things we need to be diligent in our approach to legislation surrounding our hearth, homes and environment. I will ensure that we craft legislation that protects our way of life, approach to our environment and fend off ill advised laws that deter our future.

As past President of the Association of Oregon Counties I understand that all counties face similar challenges just in differing priority. While some counties along the Columbia are thriving those further east and west in the district are facing suppressed incomes and opportunities. I will convene a district wide team to address the inequities, find a path that guarantees all the counties and communities in the district flourish.

"For when we seek to strengthen our collective
resolve we individually prosper."

–Jim Doherty